Miroir Mort – L.A. More – Short Fiction

Nightmare Love

The leaves are starting to turn, which means HALLOWEEN is coming! I thought I’d celebrate by restarting my horror blog and leaving you with a creepy short story. Hope you enjoy. -Xo L.A. More

It began with a mirror. It ended with a mirror. But the glass has cracked and morphed, refracted and distorted. My life and my memories do not exist in a straight line. They bounce from shard to shard, from past to present, in and out of my body. My existence is a crumpled map, a ball of ribbons, the ashen remnants of a burnt tree.

There is a mirror in my room. It is thin and bolted to the wall, just in case I decide to pull it off and smash it to bits, I guess. It’s a popular way to die among Lost Girls. What could be better than being killed by a reflection…

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By Odin A

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