Elder Corporation: A History

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The Elder Corporation: A History


After the Devastation–the nuclear war that nearly ended the world, Elder Corporation was prepared to keep humanity from becoming extinct or repeating their deadly wars. Roger Elder, the founder of Elder Corporation, used the subterranean cities and supplies his father had created and left for him, and began a mission for the humans that had survived the Devastation.

Originally Roger’s vision was simply to host a safe haven for those who had survived and migrated to what is now Central, but he would soon discover that more responsibility was required of him. This was, of course, the first emergence of the Harpy attacks.

Small villages that dwelled high on mountains where the air wasn’t tainted by radiation became the targets of Harpy attacks. One by one these towns were destroyed: the citizens ripped apart and eaten, and the houses burned to the ground. Roger  Elder knew he had to do something.

This marked the creation of Elder Corporation’s scientific unit: to study the Harpies and to find a way to combat them. Intelligence reports showed that the genetic mutants had preternatural abilities such as rapid cell regeneration and, of course, the ability to fly.

After countless hours and tests, the Hunter blood gene was discovered. This gene, found in children, showed to not only be reactionary to Harpy blood, but when the Harpy blood was augmented in the labs and placed on weapons, the effect was instant. Harpies would disintigrate into dust on contact.

Roger Elder opened the Hunter division of Elder Corp, and a new world was born. Without the fear of Harpy attack, citizens were free to build their lives again, building homes and transport and shopping malls below ground. They imported some food from Fresh-Air Zones, or it was created in the labs. After awhile, the underground cities were no different from the outside world. The only thing that was different was that certain elements; the sky, the wind, plants, were all fake.

The Hunter program grew larger and larger as the Harpies above ground began organizing their own empire. A discovery was made that the best age to start Hunter training was during early childhood. Children everywhere were being tested rapidly for the Hunter gene, and soon Roger Elder had his own army of child soldiers. His own three children, Myra, Rupert, and Raul all carried the gene and were quickly put into training.

The First War

Just as the citizens of the Elder Empire began to feel safe, the Harpy King, Aldess, grew power mad and arranged a massive army of Harpies to attach the entrance to Central. Roger Elder assembled his Hunters into a brutal war that lasted an entire year. Even some humans joined up for the fight, but almost every human was lost. After the war looked bleak on the Hunters’ side, the Harpy front suddenly pulled away. Aldess was ill, and retreated back to the Harpy capital Ehvelar to rest. It was beyond unusual for a Harpy to fall ill to the point of bedrest, but then Aldess died inexplicably. Without a leader, the Harpies were a broken mess, and the war was quickly won by the Hunters. Much debate still occurs over what really happened to Aldess, but no one knows the true story.

After this, Aldess’s queen, Ciar, took over the throne. She was a strong and diligent leader, and destroyed the war. She wanted nothing to do with Hunters, and urged her Harpies to live as Harpies, not as enemies at war.

Many great heroes were created during this war, including the legendary Gamma, a Huntress who remained at the front lines from beginning to end. She is often claimed to be the best Hunter that ever lived. The Elder children grew up during this war, and would soon be groomed to take over Roger’s empire as he grew older and weaker.

The Wrongful Heir

Myra Elder was Roger’s oldest child, and was thought from her birth to be the heir to Elder Corp. She was strong, and had not only fought in the war, but spent time in the villages above ground, learning different techniques and philosophies. She soon married, but things would not go as planned. Many suspect that the death of Myra’s husband Ethan was not an accident or a bad case of radiation poisoning, as the headlines claimed. Rumors swarmed that Roger had had the man killed due to his controversial ideas that Harpies and Hunters could find a balance, a way to live without war.

After Ethan’s death, Myra returned to the villages above ground and Raul was named heir. Shortly after that, Roger died peacefully in his sleep. As rumor has it, Roger had a great many secrets that he took with him to the grave. Many question his involvement with the discover of the Hunter gene, and how this rare blood type had occurred in all three of his children.

Raul headed the Corp for a few years, expressing a strong interest in R&D of new ways to purify air and water, and perhaps eventually create outdoor colonies. He left his position early, however, and moved to a fresh-air zone to relax and live off of his stake in the company.

Rupert Elder, the youngest and most brash of the Elder siblings, was now primed to take control of the company. He immediately removed almost all funding from the creation of Fresh-Air zones and pushed it back into the Hunter program. The Hunters were now striking on Harpy territory without provocation. Once Myra heard about the havoc her brother was causing, she rushed back to the Underground, but it was too late. Rupert officially ran Elder Corp, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Myra accepted a placement at the Ichton branch of the Corp; one of the most Eastbound cities in the Underground.


Today Elder Corp exists in all of its glory. It may not be in the Golden Age of when Roger Elder was in charge, but living conditions are decent, there is work, and everyone feels safe from the Harpy threat under Rupert’s Hunter program. But there are whispers that things are not as good as they seem. Whispers of secrets and lies, and whispers of  a growing resistance. No one knows what the future holds, but peace and prosperity do not appear to be in the mix for the Elders and the future of the Corporation.


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