Dream Cast

If Flight ever got to be a movie (Come on, everyone! Help a wishful author out! 🙂 ), I (of course) already have my dream cast lined up.

freya red hairPiper: Freya Mavor (I did the red hair)

Evan PetersAsher: Evan Peters. He is so adorable. 

Emma Roberts ShelleyShelley: Emma Roberts

zach-roerig TorTor: Zach Roerig. He is such a perfect Tor.

Skander Keynes SandySandy: Skander Keynes

Eddie Redmayne DavidDavid: Eddie Redmayne

Brenda Song GrierGrier: Brenda Song

936full-amanda-seyfried DarcyDarcy: Amanda Seyfried

Asher-Book GabeGabe: Asher Book

markstrong RupertRupert Elder: Mark Strong

Helen-Mirren-007MyraMyra Elder: Helen Mirren

For those of you who’ve read Flight (I love you), who would be in your dream cast?


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