Music is a really important part of my writing process, and when I write I tend to listen to a lot of ambient or instrumental pieces. The laptop I wrote Flight on is in computer heaven so I struggled a bit to put this playlist together, but here are some important songs I listened to while writing 🙂

Clicky for Mixtape


1 Fljótavík–Sigur Rós
Button Button Button
2 When She Believes– Ben Harper

3 Post Modern Girls –The Strokes & Regina Spektor

4 Is This It The Strokes

5 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)–The Arcade Fire

6  Lover’s Spit–Broken Social Scene

7 Stars and sons–Broken Social Scene

8 Siren (Great Expectations Soundtrack)–Tori Amos

9 The Scientist–Coldplay

10 Colorblind–Counting Crows
11 Mardy Bum–Arctic Monkeys
12 A Certain Romance–Arctic Monkeys
13 Close Encounters–Mogwai
14 Postcards From Italy–Beirut
15 Just Breathe–Pearl Jam
16 New Paths to Helicon Pt I–Mogwai

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